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Falling in love with somebody else is one of the most natural things that anybody can do. Love also tends to be a strong emotion, eliciting strong feelings towards the other person. For the most part, this is a good thing, but it can sometimes go too far.

In the world of anime, a yandere is somebody that falls madly in love with somebody else to the point where it becomes a dangerous obsession. With emotions running high, a yandere might go to dangerous lengths to protect their loved one or to prevent somebody else from taking them away. Here is a selection of the most popular yanderes in the anime world.

1. Gasai Yuno

Yuno was adopted at a young age and, for a while, she had an ideal life for somebody her age. Things started to turn bad for her, however, with her foster mother becoming oppressive and even locking her in a cage. She accidently killed her foster parents when she tried to take out revenge on them. Yuno found emotional support from Yukiteru Amano and the two of them fell in love with each other. Yuno started to become increasingly protective of Amano and became violent toward anybody she felt was threatening him. For many, Yuno is the queen of yanderes, and the benchmark by which all other yanderes are judged.


2. Shirayuki Hotogi

Shirayuki Hotogi is beautiful, but it is not only her good looks that others find appealing. In addition, she is also very capable and very intelligent. It is easy to see why any guy would be happy to be with her but, unfortunately, even she is not perfect. Shirayuki is jealous, very jealous.

She can’t stand it when her partner is out of her sight and she is always texting them to see what they are doing. If any other girl comes close to her partners then she is likely to blow her top. She might even go to the point of killing anybody else that gets too close.

3. Amane Misa

Misa, also known as Death Note, is always very affectionate to her partner, Light, and will do anything for him. Unfortunately, this includes killing other people if it means she gets to be alone with him. Despite being so loving and affectionate to Light, the other side of her can be cold and cruel. She is also insanely jealous of her partner and this will sometimes cause him difficulties.

Although Misa can be annoying at times, and even hateful, it can still be difficult not to find her lovely and she is one of the most popular of all yandere girls.


4. Shouko Kirishima

Shouko Kirishima has been Yuuji Sakamoto’s friend since childhood, and she loves him fiercely. She always wants to be close to him and is all over him whenever they are together. Unfortunately for Yuuji, Shouko’s love for him can be overbearing, and even a little rough.

Shouko, who is the best student in her year, loves Yuji to the point where she can tie him up and even beat him up. It may be an unusual way of expressing your love for somebody, but love it is. Other than that, Shouko is so sweet to everybody and would not harm a fly.

5. Anna Nishikinomiya

Anna Nishikinomiya has feelings for Tanukichi that run very deep. She is also very jealous of him and if she thinks that other girls are getting too close then she may well threaten him with harm. She is also stunningly beautiful and often has lustful thoughts for Tanukichi.

Anna is a relatively new addition to the world of Anime and she is also one of the most popular. She is well known for her penchant for experimenting with Tanukichi to show him just how much she loves him. This includes making special cookies with love nectar as a special ingredient, which is exactly what you are probably thinking it is.


6. Megumi Shimizu

Megumi Shimizu is not any ordinary 15-year-old girl. Indeed, despite her cute looks, she is actually a blood sucking demon, and she has a crush on Natsuno Yuuki, and it is a fierce crush that is not always appreciated by Yuuki. Using her vampire abilities, Megumi will sometimes go to her crush’s room at night and later slide out from under the bed.

This in itself is likely to freak anybody out, but she is not helped by her black demon eyes. Unfortunately for Megumi, Yuuki has yet to accept her advances, which is understandable considering few people would want to date a blood-sucking demon.

7. Yuka Minase

Yuka Minase is deeply in love with Kakeru and she takes her jealousy of him to a whole new level. Such is Yuka’s jealousy over Kakeru that he is not even allowed to so much as look in the direction of another girl. If he does, then the other girl can be in a whole lot of trouble. If some unfortunate girl was to be caught at the wrong end of Kakeru’s gaze, she might find at some point that somebody has put razor blades into her tea.

If Yuka deems it necessary to get rid somebody else in order to be with Kakeru alone, then get rid of them she will.


8. Nadeko Sengoku

Nadeko Sengoku was just a normal, sweet girl. At least by anime standards. She stayed this way until she fell madly in love with Koyomi, which is when things started to change for her. She started to grow jealous, but even then Nadeko managed to keep control over her jealousy.

Despite trying to keep control over her emotions, Nadeko was provoked by Shinobu and this eventually caused her to experience a mental breakdown. She chose to eat a charm which was a decision that would turn her into a true yandere. Since then, her love for Koyomi intensified into a dangerous obsession.

9. Kaede Fuyou

Kaede is perhaps the first yandere girl. At least, she was the first one to display behavior that was dangerous and born out of her love for another person. Kaede even seems to be the inspiration behind a lot of other anime yanderes. Kaede started to feel a strong connection to Rin while taking care of him after his parents died.

She started to developed psychotic thoughts and these eventually spilled over into violence. She becomes extremely jealous and would threaten anybody that she thought was spending too much time with her beloved Rin. Despite this, she continued to deny her feelings for Rin until the very last episode of the series she was in.

10. Rolo Lamperouge

There is something strangely alluring about attractive female yanderes with a dangerous obsession for other people. The majority of yanderes in anime are female, but not all of them. After all, men can also develop dangerous fascinations for other people.

Rolo Lamperouge developed a kind of brotherly love for Lelouch. Such was the depth of his love that anybody getting in the way of the two was likely to meet their end at the hands of Rolo. Lelouch objected to Rolo’s killing of other people, but Rolo’s passion was such that he could still not allow others to get in between them.


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