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Gaming has come a long way in recent decades. Increased computing power now means that games are more immersive than ever before. Game producers also have more flexibility in what they are able to produce, with titles available for people of all ages. With gaming popular all over the world, it has also become very big business.

One of the most popular of all games at the moment is Fortnite. It is an online game that allows people from all over the world to get involved and compete against other players. Here's a look at what it is, and why it is so popular.

1. What is Fortnite?

Fortnite is basically a survival video game. Players will compete against each other or against computer-controlled characters in beautifully illustrated worlds. Players also have a wide range of playable characters to choose from. The game play is relatively straightforward, while also offering a reasonable challenge to participants.

Fortnite is available on various consoles and on PC. Players only need to download and install the game, set up an account, and they can get started playing right away. There are also different versions of the game, helping to make sure that everybody will find something that appeals to their personal preferences.


2. Fortnite: Save the World

There are three main versions of Fortnite, one of which is Save the World. In this version, players need to work together instead of fighting against each other. The game is set in a post-apocalyptic world after a "fluke storm" has wiped out most of civilization. Players will encounter "husks," which are zombie-like creatures.

In this version, players will need to build bases to defend themselves and their items from the husks. They will also need to collect resources and also rescue survivors. As players progress, they will pick up experience that will help them to level up items.

3. Fortnite Creative

A lot of people love to create scenarios and challenges themselves in them, and Fortnite Creative allows them to do just that. This version is a sandbox mode game in which players get the freedom to build whatever they wish. This includes platform challenges, race courses, and battle arenas.

Creators will also get the opportunity to see their creations used by the general public. The game's makers, Epic Games, will review different creations and have the best included in Battle Royal maps. It may not be the all-action shooter style that Fortnite is so well known for, but the version still appeals to a lot of players that have a creative touch.


4. Fortnite Battle Royale

In Battle Royale, 100 contestants skydive onto an island and all compete against each other for survival, and the winner is the last one to be left standing. Players can use a number of techniques and skills to survive, and each player will find weapons and other items as they play the game.

The format of the game is often likened to The Hunger Games. As the game goes on, the playable area becomes increasingly smaller, forcing players to get closer together to each other. This version is the most popular of all, and is what most people think of if you mention Fortnite.

5. Does It Involve Violence?

Fortnite Battle Royale does involve trying to kill other players so, yes, there is a degree of violence involved in the game.

However, the game was clearly designed with younger players in mind, as well as older players, so the graphics are almost cartoon like in appearance and there is nothing that is likely to be at all disturbing even to younger players. What's more is that players can win games by killing very few other players. Many will choose a stealthy approach; trying to avoid being killed for as long as possible while other players are taken out of the game.


6. How Popular Is It?

Fortnite has been one of the most successful game releases ever, and has even gone on to be somewhat of a cultural standard in many parts of the world. Fortnite Battle Royale in particular has been a huge hit with over 125 million players joining in under a year of its release.

Fortnite's success only looks set to continue with new players signing up all the time, generating impressive revenue for the company. The game has also won an impressive number of awards, including awards from respected names such as PC Gamer and IGN. Fortnite looks set to stay for the foreseeable future at least, and it may well continue to pick up awards along its way.

7. Cost

One of the best things about the game for many people is that the game is free to play. All you need is a gaming console or a PC, along with a reliable internet connection, and you can play.

You will need to set up an account to play, but this is also free. Epic Games make their money by selling V-Bucks. These V-Bucks give you access to extra features in the game such as tier levels and clothing items. None of these improve your ability to do well in the game, but they do help to make you look cool, and this alone is a very impressive revenue stream for Epic Games.


8. Why Is It So Popular?

The game's graphics and interesting characters make it bright and appealing to young players. It also has exciting gameplay and an easy to use interface, again making it appealing to younger players.

In addition, players can also invite and play against their friends online. Fortnite does not appeal to young children only, of course. The gameplay also makes it suitably entertaining for adults, while it is also available on PC for those whose prefer PC gaming over gaming consoles. It is largely because of its broad appeal that Fortnite is so popular, and that doesn't look like changing any time soon.

9. Competitions

E-sports are growing in popularity all the time. Huge events are held each year and competitors can choose from a wide range of titles to compete in. Those who are successful will find that prizes are available, ranging from high-tech peripherals to large cash prizes. There is also a competitive scene for Fortnite players.

Indeed, Fortnite competitions are among the largest of all. Players can get involved from the comfort of their own home, with knock-out competitions that allow the most successful to participate in the finals. Being good enough to do well will take a lot of practice, but the rewards for success are potentially very high.

10. Is It Addictive?

One of the biggest concerns among parents when it comes to gaming is that it can be addictive. Well, Fortnite is a very popular game for a reason, it is very enjoyable to play. It is so easy for players to want to play "just one more game," but that last game will often take a long time to come around.

That doesn't make it dangerous, however. Parents should monitor their children's gaming habits and make sure that it is not dominating their lives. Letting them play Fortnite is just fine, but make sure other things like homework and socializing with friends are not neglected. The same goes for adults, of course.


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