What Is Hemoglobin?

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Hemoglobin is a very important compound that all of us have flowing throughout our bodies. We have evolved to be dependent on it and, if our body was to somehow lose its hemoglobin then it would not be long before we die. The good news is that this is extremely unlikely to happen.

Hemoglobin is made naturally and there is always a fresh supply of it being produced. The ingredients needed to make hemoglobin are always in plentiful supply. Here’s a close look at what it is, where it comes from, and why it is so very important to us.

1. Red Blood Cells

Hemoglobin is a very important compound for us and it is found in our red blood cells. It is important because it enables our blood to carry oxygen to other parts of our body. Without it, our bodies would simply suffocate as it wouldn’t get the oxygen it needs. It is not only humans that have hemoglobin, many other animals use it as well and it is also used to allow red blood cells to carry oxygen in other species. These bloods cells, and the hemoglobin in them, are very important to us, which is one reason why losing too much blood is dangerous.


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