10 Coccidioidomycosis Symptoms

By leslie
Reviewed: dr. vanta
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Coccidioidomycosis is a fungal infection that's also called valley fever. It's typically found in dry, warm parts of the United States, such as the southwestern states and central California. Infection may occur when a person inhales air with the fungus in it. Common places where this may occur include construction sites, archaeological digs and farms.

In most cases, the initial infection is mild, with few or no symptoms, and fully resolves on its own. However, the disease may progress to a chronic lung infection or a more serious condition that spreads to other parts of the body, causing disability or death.


Fatigue, or tiredness, is a common symptom of coccidioidomycosis, affecting many individuals with this infection. According to a small study, 65 percent of the participants reported severe fatigue associated with coccidioidomycosis. A low body mass index or BMI also may be related to significant fatigue in valley fever patients who have symptoms. In other words, as weight drops, fatigue severity may increase.

During treatment with an antifungal medicine, fatigue typically decreases but may take four months or more to resolve completely. If the disease becomes chronic or spreads to areas other than the lungs, fatigue may be longer lasting and more severe.3Bowers, J. Mourani J, Ampel N. ‘Fatigue in Coccidioidomycosis.’ Medical Mycology. 2006


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