10 Common Bitter Taste in Mouth Causes

By carolynne
Reviewed: dr. stavarache
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There are many possible reasons for an unexplained bitter taste in the mouth, and the issue may be chronic or temporary. Things like medications, nutrient deficiencies and bad oral hygiene may be contributing factors. Certain foods may also leave a lingering aftertaste in the mouth, so it's important to monitor what happened just before the bitter taste appeared.

The bitter taste may dissipate after eating again or resolve on its own depending on the underlying cause. If the problem is persistent, a person should seek advice from a health practitioner.

Acid Reflux

Acid reflux is a common cause of a bitter taste in the mouth. Reflux is a chronic digestive reaction to certain food groups that causes stomach acid to rise and irritate the lining of the esophagus. Since this acid is mixed with food that contains digestive acid and enzymes, it can lead to a bitter taste in your mouth.

If heartburn is experienced with a bitter taste in the mouth, it may be the result of acid reflux. Spicy and fatty foods, alcohol, citrus and vegetables high in sulfur may cause acid reflux.

Bitter Taste in Mouth

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