10 Lower Right Abdominal Pain Causes

By carolynne
Reviewed: dr. stavarache
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There are a variety of reasons for lower right abdominal pain that range from serious to mild. Some causes, such as appendicitis, require immediate attention, while mild causes such as muscle strain can heal naturally. It’s important to assess the type and duration of the pain and take into account activities prior to the onset of the discomfort.

The lower right quadrant of the abdomen houses the meeting point of the small and large bowel, appendix, right ovary and fallopian tube, right ureter and part of the colon.1Payne, Dr Jacqueline. ‘Right Lower Abdominal Pain: Right Lower Quadrant.’ Patient.info, 8 July 2017, patient.info/signs-symptoms/right-lower-quadrant-pain. Pain in the area can signify anything from menstrual cramps to trapped gas and kidney stones.

1. Appendicitis

If the underlying cause of pain in the lower right abdominal region is appendicitis, then emergency treatment is required. The appendix is a small organ protruding from the colon that can cause serious complications when it becomes inflamed.

Appendicitis is a crippling pain that invariably starts in the naval area and migrates to a more localized place in the right abdominal quadrant. Bouts of vomiting frequently accompany the pain. Most people with appendicitis require surgery to remove the appendix. An appendectomy can prevent dangerous complications down the line and is one of the most common surgeries performed.

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