10 Syncope Symptoms

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Also known as fainting or passing out, syncope is a temporary loss of consciousness, usually due to temporary lack of blood flow to the brain.1‘Syncope (Fainting). Www.heart.org, www.heart.org/en/health-topics/arrhythmia/symptoms-diagnosis–monitoring-of-arrhythmia/syncope-fainting Sudden drops in blood pressure or heart rate can cause syncope. When syncope occurs and a person passes out, they are likely to become conscious and alert right away, albeit a little confused for a short time.

Syncope can happen at any age, although it is more common as people get older and it can occur in people with or without medical conditions. Syncope symptoms vary, but the more common include dizziness and feeling lightheaded.


Syncope can cause serious injury if a person falls and hurts themselves. It can be especially life-threatening when the person is behind the wheel of a car when it happens. In addition, certain syncope symptoms or signs may be an indication that fainting is about to occur. One such symptom is dizziness.

Dizziness should not be confused with lightheadedness. They are different. Dizziness will feel as though the surroundings are spinning. This is known as vertigo. Dizziness can occur as a result of certain medications or inner ear infections, among other reasons.


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