10 Uremia Symptoms

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Uremia is a serious condition, and if ignored, it may be life-threatening. It develops when the toxins, or bodily waste, that your kidneys normally send out in your urine end up in your bloodstream instead. These toxins are known as creatinine and urea.1‘Uremia: Complications, Causes, Symptoms & Treatment. Cleveland Clinic, my.clevelandclinic.org/health/diseases/21509-uremia At the onset of chronic kidney disease, it's not unusual for an individual to not experience uremia symptoms.

Uremia is an indication the kidneys have been severely damaged, and symptoms manifest themselves in several ways and with different degrees of severity. For example, individuals may experience headaches and nausea or extreme tiredness and fatigue.


Weakness and fatigue are classic signs of uremia. Individuals with this condition may experience extreme tiredness. Fatigue isn't the same as feeling drowsy or sleepy, something that may be rectified by a good sleep. When a person is fatigued, they have very little motivation or energy.

Fatigue is a symptom of many medical conditions as well as a natural result of certain lifestyle choices, including little or no exercise and a poor diet. Fatigue accompanied by other factors, such as weight loss and higher-than-normal body temperatures, may warrant a doctor visit or consultation.


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