10 Adrenal Tumor Symptoms

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A tumor is an abnormal lump of tissue in the body. It can be very dangerous, although most of the time it is quite harmless. In many cases, it can simply be left where it is, although you may choose to have it removed for aesthetic reasons.

A tumor is generally dangerous when it is growing out of control. It can begin to take over certain parts of the body, affecting their ability to function, while a tumor can also begin to apply pressure on nearby organs and other parts of the body. An adrenal tumor is a tumor on the adrenal gland that can affect how the gland functions. It can have numerous effects on the body, some of which are quite profound.

Symptom #1: Early Puberty in Girls

Puberty usually comes for girls when they are in their early to mid-teens. It is a time in their life that signals they are becoming adults and their bodies start to undergo certain changes.

An adrenal tumor can affect the balance of hormones in such a way that it forces young girls to begin puberty early. This can be quite disconcerting for the girls that are often too young to really understand what is going on. It can also mean that their clitoris will grow to be significantly larger than usual.

Adrenal Tumor

Symptom #2: Enlarged Penis in Boys

A boy’s penis will not usually grow in size until they at least reach puberty. Up until then, its function is purely for urination, so a larger penis is not necessary. In cases of adrenal tumors, however, young boys can find that their penis begins to grow earlier than usual. Not only can it grow larger earlier, but it can also grow noticeably larger than is usual.

Another associated symptom is that young boys can also begin to develop breasts. These breasts can also be quite sore to the touch. Such symptoms are something that should encourage you to see a doctor.

Symptom #3: High Blood Sugar

The amount of sugar that is in our blood is largely controlled by the hormones in our body. Some people, though, have difficulty regulating their own blood sugar levels in a relatively common condition that is known as diabetes. It affects millions of people worldwide and can have a considerable impact on their quality of life.

An adrenal tumor can also have an impact on the production of hormones that help regulate blood sugar levels. This can cause numerous symptoms, some of which have the potential to be quite dangerous for the patient. Medication such as insulin is available that can help, while the patient will also likely need to adjust their diet.

Adrenal Tumor

Symptom #4: Easy Bruising

If we were to experience a hard-enough impact then there is a good chance that we would bruise. This is because blood vessels can be broken internally, causing blood to spill out within the body. What we see as a bruise is the blood collecting just beneath the surface of the skin.

Bleeding is usually stopped quite quickly, though, as the blood coagulates to help plug up holes. This is achieved largely with the help of certain hormones as well as other compounds. An adrenal tumor can impact the production of the required hormones. This means that we can bleed easier and for longer.

Symptom #5: Deepened Voice in Women

It is usually quite easy to tell men from women just by the sound of their voice. Women tend to have a lighter voice than men, with males generally speaking in deeper tones. This is not always the case, though, and some conditions can cause women to have a deeper voice than usual.

An excess production of androgen caused by an adrenal tumor can lead to women taking on more masculine characteristics. This can include a deepened voice. If you are experiencing these symptoms and you are not sure why then you should arrange to speak with your doctor about it.

Adrenal Tumor

Symptom #6: Increased Urination

Our kidneys are also largely controlled by various hormones. Some of these hormones regulate the production of urine. If the volume of these hormones in the body increase, it would stimulate the kidneys into producing more urine than usual.

An increase in urine production can be caused by many things, including simply having drunk more liquids than usual. It can also be a sign of some potentially serious problems, though, so you should make an appointment with your doctor if symptoms persist. It is likely to be accompanied by associated symptoms such as excess thirst.

Symptom #7: Excess Hair Growth

Hairiness is generally considered to be a masculine characteristic. Women will usually trim or remove the hair under the armpits, on their legs, and even sometimes in the pubic region. It is not common for hair to grow on the faces of women, though, but an adrenal tumor can change this.

And adrenal tumor can increase the levels of androgen hormones being released. This can cause women to take on typically masculine characteristics and this can mean an increase in the production of hair. This can mean women developing facial hair while men can also become hairier than they otherwise would be.

Adrenal Tumor

Symptom #8: Weight Gain

All over the world, there are people battling to keep their weight down to healthy levels. This can be very hard though and many will fail. It is made hard because it can be so difficult to stick to a healthy weight loss diet, and also because exercise can be very hard. Weight gain can also be caused by medical conditions, including an adrenal tumor.

Hormones have an effect on how much weight we gain or lose. In the case of an adrenal tumor, an imbalance in hormones is likely to contribute to weight gain. If you do find yourself gaining weight suddenly without any significant changes in your lifestyle you should make an appointment with a doctor to find out why.

Symptom #9: Irregular Periods

When females reach maturity, they will begin menstruating. This is basically the cycle of flushing out the inner uterine lining to replace it with a new lining. This blood-rich tissue is there largely because it lines the uterus to help provide a safe place for a fertilized egg to develop.

Women generally menstruate once a month, although the dates are not precise. Sometimes, menstruation may come sooner or later than usual, or it may be heavier or lighter than usual. Such irregular menstruation can be caused by numerous problems including an adrenal tumor. If you are experiencing irregular periods then you should make an appointment with your doctor to find out why.

Symptom #10: Depression

Depression is often called a silent killer. This is because people with the condition will say little to nothing about how they are suffering, even when they are considering taking their own lives. There is still a lot to learn about what causes it but we do know that hormones have a large influence.

The hormonal imbalances that are caused by an adrenal tumor can lead to depression. It can be very difficult to treat and is not simply a case of having the patient “cheer up.” It can be very dangerous, especially in men, so it should be taken very seriously indeed.

Adrenal Tumor

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