Athlete's Foot Causes, Remedies & More

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Athlete's foot has achieved an impressive fungal feat. It's grown from a once-rare condition to lurking in almost every changing room. The yeasts that cause the red itchy rash are now present in a staggering 20 percent of the world's population.1M;, Havlickova B;Czaika VA;Friedrich. ‘Epidemiological Trends in Skin Mycoses Worldwide.’ Mycoses, U.S. National Library of Medicine, The infection also known as tinea pedis isn't unique to track stars and swimmers. It is contagious, and anyone can get it.

The symptoms are often low-key at the start. Many people won't even be aware they have a fungal invasion. In most cases, this condition isn't dangerous, but it can colonize other parts of the body if not treated swiftly.

1. Athlete's Foot Symptoms

Athlete's foot usually appears as a pinkish-red discoloration between the toes. At this early stage, the irritating itch tends to happen when taking off shoes. Many people put this down as a minor annoyance at this point, hoping it will go away.

As the infection spreads, white soggy skin forms in the center of the toe spaces. The redness spreads, taking over the whole forefoot area and even the sole. By now, sufferers have to frequently stop in their tracks to relieve the incredible itching. Left untreated even further, the wet white skin between the toes starts to crack and bleed.

Athlete's Foot

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