10 Attention Deficit Disorder Symptoms

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Attention deficit disorder, also referred to as ADD, is a condition that’s often attributed to younger children. However, the condition can affect people of any age. The most common characteristics of ADD involve problems with focus and concentration. People with ADD often have a hard time in school because they are unable to focus on the material at hand. They become bored quickly and are often interested in switching to a new task.

People with ADD may also have a hard time following conversation because their attention will be jumping all over the place. This can make it difficult for them to maintain personal relationships and to educate themselves. Fortunately, ADD is not a sign of a lack of intelligence. In fact, people with ADD are often highly intelligent folk who are simply bored by the curriculum of normal school. People with ADD tend to find pursuits that they are truly passionate about and can be quite successful in the world.

There are a number of symptoms attributed to people who suffer from ADD. If you are wondering whether you or one of your children is suffering from ADD, then you might want to check out this list of symptoms so you can decide whether or not you need to seek treatment. Remember, medication is not the only way to help a child with ADHD. Consider alternate methods of education and helping them find a hobby or pursuit that they truly enjoy before putting them on pharmaceutical medication.

Symptom #1: Trouble Focusing

The most common symptom associated with people suffering from ADD is trouble focusing. This is often easy to observe in a school setting, because patients with ADD have a hard time focusing on their school work.

Instead of focusing on their schoolwork they may find themselves daydreaming while staring out the window, doodling, or thinking about other things than the task at hand. This can make it difficult for them to get good grades in school but does not indicate that they have any issues with their intelligence.

Attention Deficit Disorder

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