10 Bell's Palsy Symptoms

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You might not realize it, but our facial expression is maintained by muscles that are constantly keeping facial parts in place. Even when we are resting, these muscles are helping to maintain the shape of our mouth and the position of the eyebrows, among other things.

If these muscles were to relax or weaken, then it could have quite an effect on our appearance. Bell’s palsy is a condition that causes these muscles to do just that.

Patients will usually find that one-half of their face droops as the muscles are no longer supporting it. This also makes it difficult for them to complete even simple tasks such as smiling or chewing.

Symptom #1: Difficulty Eating

Eating and drinking are things that are so fundamental to us that it can be hard to imagine having difficulty with them. It is something that we are able to do from birth and we are born with the reflexes that allow us to drink our mother’s milk straight away. Patients with Bell’s palsy, however, will experience difficulty in eating.

Being able to chew and swallow requires the coordination of the muscles of the mouth and throat. If we lose this ability, then even eating dinner can become difficult. It is important to make sure you get enough nutrition, though, no matter how difficult it might be.

Bell's Palsy

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