10 Benefits of Oolong Tea

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Oolong tea is a type of tea that is traditional in China. It is produced by leaving it under a strong sun to wither the plant and oxidize it, before then twisting and curling it. Production of Oolong tea generally involves the use of unique cultivars of the tea plant. It is most popular in China and Southeast Asia.

Not only is oolong tea tasty, but it is also thought to offer various health benefits. It contains compounds that help in regard to strengthening our immune system, reducing cholesterol, and making our bones strong and healthy.

Include some in your diet every now and then, or even every day, and you could be ensuring your good health for long into the future.

Benefit #1: Reduces Cholesterol

If you know anything about healthy living then you would almost certainly have heard of cholesterol. Cholesterol, or at least the “bad” cholesterols, are largely to blame for a lot of serious health problems. It can lead to clogged blood vessels and this can lead to heart attacks and strokes.

It’s easy to see why it is a good idea to keep the bad cholesterol levels down in the body. Oolong tea contains compounds that can help in this regard because they can help break down fats in the body. This means that they can help reduce cholesterols, keeping your heart and cardiovascular system in great condition.

Oolong Tea

Benefit #2: Healthy Hair

Keeping our hair healthy is not always easy. It is often bombarded by pollutants in the air every day, while it is also important to maintain a healthy diet to keep it in good condition. Some people will struggle to keep their hair healthy more than others, and some will need to turn to supplements to help.

Oolong tea contains high levels of antioxidants. This can help prevent damage to your hair, helping to keep it looking shiny and new. People that use it say that it makes their hair thicker, softer, and shinier. Note that poor hair health can suggest underlying illnesses, so it may be worth seeing a doctor.

Benefit #3: Metabolism Boost

Some of us have naturally higher or lower metabolisms than others. This is the process of breaking down food for energy and the building blocks we need. Those with a higher metabolism will tend to have more energy and are also less likely to suffer from obesity because they will burn off more calories.

It is thought that oolong tea is able to give the metabolism a boost. This means that you will burn off more calories faster, making you feel more energetic. The extra calorie burn will also help you to burn off excess body fat. It also contains enzymes that are able to prevent fat building up in your body.

Oolong Tea

Benefit #4: Helps Stabilize Blood Sugar Levels

Millions of people across the planet suffer from type 2 diabetes. This is a condition where the blood sugar levels are higher than they should be, and it is important to keep them down within safe levels. People with the condition need to be careful about what they eat and when they eat.

Oolong tea is though the be able to help stabilize blood sugar levels, which is very useful for people with type 2 diabetes. It contains antioxidants, which help by aiding in metabolization of sugar. Bear in mind, though, that any such supplements should not be used as a replacement for medication.

Benefit #5: Helps Digestion

We’ve all experienced the odd occasion when our food does not sit as well as we would like in the stomach. We can sometimes have difficulty digesting our food and this can lead to some considerable discomfort. We might need to turn to certain remedies to help everything move along, although oolong tea might also be able to help.

Oolong tea is antiseptic, helping to clear unwanted bacteria from the digestive system. It also helps to reduce acidity and reduce inflammation. Its alkalizing properties are also beneficial to people that suffer from ulcers and acid reflux. Drink some after a meal, and it could help everything to go much more smoothly than normal.

Oolong Tea

Benefit #6: Healthy Bones

We need for our bones to be as healthy as they can be. Otherwise, they can become fragile and this can lead to frequent fractures. Not only can this be very painful for the patient, but it can also cause their mobility to become limited. We should take care of our bones the best we can and this includes having the right foods in our diets.

Oolong tea can help maintain healthy bones because it helps the body to retain important minerals. This is largely thanks to the presence of magnesium and calcium, which is well known to help keep bones strong.

Benefit #7: Improves the Complexion

Clear and beautiful skin just seems to come naturally to some lucky people. Many have a stunning complexion with little effort, while others struggle to maintain a clear complexion no matter how hard they try. There are countless products on the market that purport to help, while there are also natural remedies that might be just what you need.

Oolong tea contains antioxidants, and antioxidants help combat free radicals. Free radicals are responsible for causing a lot of damage to the body at the cellular level, and this can include damage to the cells of the skin. This can help encourage clear, beautiful skin and also help to slow the effects of ageing.

Oolong Tea

Benefit #8: Sharpens the Mind

It can be frustrating when the mind just does not want to do what we want it to do. It would be great to be able to think clearly all the time and find it easy to solve puzzles. All of us have different levels of limitation, though, but we can at least do something to give our mental abilities a boost.

Oolong tea contains caffeine, which is a well-known stimulant. This can help to invigorate tiring minds and also give a boost of energy overall. Remember not to drink it too late, though, or the caffeine might keep you up all night.

Benefit #9: Strengthens Immunity

The immune system is something that should not be neglected. While it is easy to take it for granted, it won’t be long before you fall ill should your immune system weaken. It protects us from disease all day, every day, so we should do what we can to support it. This includes taking care of ourselves and eating the right type of food.

Studies have shown that people who drink oolong tea regularly produce more antibacterial proteins, giving a boost to the immune system. It also contains antioxidant flavonoids that are able to help prevent damage to the body’s cells.

Benefit #10: Protects against Tooth Decay

Tooth decay is a problem that can affect people of all ages. It is caused by the buildup of bacteria on the teeth, which secretes a caustic acid. This acid gradually eats away at the enamel of the teeth, causing damage in the long term. This damage exposes the soft center of the tooth, and bacteria are then able to cause an infection.

Regular brushing and flossing are highly recommended as they help to remove bacteria from the teeth and mouth. You could also try drinking plenty of oolong tea, which is thought to be able to inhibit the production of acid and the growth of bacteria.

Oolong Tea

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