10 Broken Heart Syndrome Symptoms

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A broken heart is more than just about feeling down because you’ve been hurt or lost somebody close to you. It can also be a very real medical condition that can lead to potentially serious symptoms.

Broken heart syndrome is thought to be caused when the body releases more stress hormones than usual and these have an impact on the functioning of the heart. Fortunately, broken heart syndrome is usually quite short-lived, lasting for just a few days or maybe a few weeks at the most.

The vast majority of patients will make a full recovery with no long-term damage caused. Regardless, it is still something that should be monitored. Below are 10 symptoms of broken heart syndrome to be aware of.

Symptom #1: Angina

Pains in the chest are often very alarming. After all, the chest is where the heart is located and a problem with the heart is usually something to be very concerned about. Not all such pains are something to worry about, though, even if they might appear similar to something like a heart attack.

Angina is a pain that is the result of a reduction in the flow of blood to the heart. While it may sound dangerous, it is not usually something to be concerned about in itself. Regardless, it should not be taken lightly and medical assistance should be sought so you can find the cause.

Broken Heart Syndrome

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