10 Carpal Tunnel Symptoms

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The fingers are packed with nerve endings that help people touch and feel the environment around them. Many of these nerve endings come from the median nerve which begins in the shoulder region and ends just past the wrist into the hand. At the point of the wrist is the carpal tunnel. The median nerve along with tendons pass through the carpal tunnel from the forearm into the hand.

In carpal tunnel syndrome, the median nerve can become compacted by the surrounding tendons. This places pressure on the nerve and can cause damage. This leads to a variety of symptoms, ranging from mild to severe. The condition may need to be treated with surgery. What follows are ten symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome:

Symptom #1: Numbness and Tingling

Numbness and tingling are common symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome. These sensations are not uncommon. Most people have experienced them after sitting awkwardly for a while, but it usually goes away. Although often harmless, numbness and tingling can be an indicator that something is wrong.

For people with carpal tunnel syndrome, numbness and tingling in the hand can range from uncomfortable to painful. It is often a mild symptom at first, but it increases in severity as the condition progresses. One distinguishing characteristic of carpal tunnel syndrome is that the small finger will not be affected since it has a different nerve than the others.

Carpal Tunnel

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