Cauda Equina Syndrome Symptoms

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This condition is named after the Latin cauda equina, which translates into English as “horse tail.” The condition adopted this name because of the manner in which the nerves at the bottom of the spinal cord fan out, making them look similar to a horses tail.

The condition is caused by these nerves being squeezed together, causing a number of neurological problems in the lower part of the body. Treatment often entails surgery, and it is important to get treatment shortly after the symptoms appear. The condition can leave lasting damage and comes with some unwelcome symptoms that signal there may be a problem.

1. Back Pain

For a lot of people, back pain is just a part of life. It is not necessarily that there is something structurally wrong with their spine, but taller, larger people in particular tend to develop an aching back. In many cases, a good rest is often all that is needed and the pain will have gone, until the next time anyway. Back pain is more of a serious problem for a lot of people, however. For some people, it is severe enough to have a considerable impact on the quality of their life. People with cauda equina syndrome will often find the pain difficult to live with. They are likely to feel the pain in the lower part of their back.

Cauda Equina Syndrome

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