Causes & Treatments for Sores In The Nose

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Sores and scabs can occur anywhere on the body, including in the nose. Sores in the nose are generally nothing to worry about. Apart from being a little uncomfortable, they usually clear up on their own or with minimal medical attention. There are several reasons why a person might have sores in their nose.

Due to their location, it's usually hard to see the sores. They may resemble small pimples or scabs if they're visible, and you may feel them. These sores may be caused by an allergy or trauma or, in some cases, an underlying health problem.


An allergy is a common cause of sores in the nose. Allergies can result in inflammation within the nasal passages, and the inflammation can lead to scabbing inside the nose. The scab may be tender to the touch, so it's best left alone to heal properly.

Besides scabbing and inflammation, individuals experience other symptoms, including watery, itchy eyes and itchy skin, as well as a constant feeling of needing to clear the throat and swallow. Allergies may be managed with a nasal saline spray to ensure the nasal passages don't dry out and medicated cream to fight inflammation and reduce discomfort.

Sores In Nose


The skin inside a person's nose is very delicate, and something as simple as picking it can lead to sores and scabbing. Other types of trauma include rubbing, scratching or bumping the nose, which can lead to bleeding.

Individuals may have difficulty breathing through their noses from the resulting trauma. They may also notice clear fluid expelling from the nostrils and may sometimes experience a loss of smell.1‘Nasal Trauma Symptoms.’, Ice packs and over-the-counter painkillers are sometimes used for trauma.


Infections, such as nasal vestibulitis, can result in sores in the nose. Picking or blowing the nose excessively can expose the nose to the bacteria that cause infection. Nasal vestibulitis can also occur from plucking nose hair and nose piercings.2hicks, Rhashad. ‘Medical News Today: What to know about nasal vestibulitis.’Central Alabama Wellness,’medical-news-today-what-to-know-about-nasal-vestibulitis

Symptoms can include pain or swelling and tenderness around the infected area. Topical antibiotic creams, such as bacitracin ointment or mupirocin, can be used to help relieve symptoms.3‘Mupirocin (Nasal Route) Proper Use.’ Mayo Clinic, Individuals who encounter boils in their nose may be prescribed oral antibiotics.

Sores In Nose


Because of its myriad of symptoms, lupus is difficult to diagnose. The autoimmune disease can affect people differently, and symptoms can appear anywhere on the body. Some people may develop sores or ulcers in the mouth and occasionally in the nose.

Other symptoms of lupus include swollen hands, feet and joints, along with a red malar rash that spreads across the cheeks and bridge of the nose. Steroid medicines, such as prednisolone, can help to reduce the severity of outbreaks.4‘Coping with Oral and Nasal Ulcers in Lupus.’ LUPUS UK, 3 May 2017,


Vasculitis is an inflammation of the blood vessels, and symptoms associated with the autoimmune disease depend on the location of the inflamed vessels. When the disease affects the face, sores can sometimes occur in the mouth or nose.

Vasculitis obstructs the blood from delivering oxygen and nutrients and can produce several other symptoms. Some individuals may experience muscle and joint pain, fever, headaches, loss of appetite and weight loss. Doctors may prescribe corticosteroid drugs, such as prednisone, to manage vasculitis.

Sores In Nose


People infected with HIV are more susceptible to sinusitis, inflammation of the tissue in the sinuses, and rhinitis, swelling of the mucous membranes in the nose, because of the chronic inflammation from the virus. They could also experience scabbing within the nose. Nasal lesions associated with HIV may be vulnerable to pain and bleeding.

Other symptoms related to HIV include headaches, toothaches and blocked sinuses. Saline nasal sprays, antihistamines and homemade remedies that include saltwater solutions can help flush away irritants in the nose.

Cold Sores

More commonly associated with sores around the mouth, cold sores can also affect an individual's nose, resulting in sores and scabs in and around the nasal area. Cold sores are caused by the herpes simplex virus.5‘Cold Sore.’ Mayo Clinic, These sores can sometimes cause pain, resulting in the need for anesthetic creams.

People may also experience other symptoms, including a tingling sensation around the affected area, which is usually the first indication of a cold sore, followed by sores that scab over to form a crust.

Sores In Nose

Drug Abuse

Drugs that can be inhaled through the nose, such as cocaine, heroin and methamphetamines, can cause serious damage to a person's nose. Irritation and scabbing are not uncommon when using these types of drugs, especially if used excessively.

Excessive drug abuse can also lead to more serious problems concerning the nose. These include tears or perforations to the septum inside the nasal area, leading to tissue death, known as necrosis, and holes in the nose.

Excessive Use of Nasal Sprays

Nasal sprays are used to manage many symptoms, including allergies, colds, congestion, sneezing and runny noses, among others. If used excessively, these sprays may result in scabs or sores developing inside an individual's nose.

A drug called oxymetazoline is sometimes found in nasal sprays. This drug may relieve congestion by shrinking the blood vessels in the nose. Although they may work initially, the overuse of nasal sprays can lead to dryness and irritation, increasing the risk of sores in the nose.


At some point, especially during puberty, many people have had to endure the embarrassment of unflattering face invaders known as pimples, spots or zits. The oil and bacteria-filled skin eruptions occur when hormones increase the production of oil in the skin during puberty.

This can sometimes lead to clogged pores that appear white or yellow on the skin's surface. Although pimples usually occur on the face, they can also appear inside the nose.

Sores In Nose

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