10 Causes of Foot Pain

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Pretty much every day we put our feet through a lot of hard work. They need to be able to take our whole body weight, plus the weight of any extra weight we might be carrying. This is not usually a problem for us, though, because our feet have evolved to excel at the job they are expected to do.

Our feet are quite prone to damage and other problems that can lead to discomfort. A range of problems can lead to considerable pain and this is made worse by the fact that we will still need to put our weight on our feet to walk. Here’s a look at some of the most common problems that can be causing your feet to hurt.

Cause #1: Heel Spurs

Our skeletons are made up largely of a mineral we know as calcium. It helps to give our bones strength and can be found in skeletons, protective shells and other body parts throughout the animal kingdom. It is found in various types of food and humans will likely get a lot of their calcium from dairy products.

As the calcium accumulates, though, it can lead to growths developing on the bone. The heel, in particular, is known for developing small projections of a bone-like material that we know as heel spurs. These can be quite painful for the patient, although sometimes they may go completely unnoticed.

Foot Pain

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