10 Causes Of Shaky Hands

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Shaky hands can also be known as hand tremors. Tremors can be defined as rhythmic and involuntary movement that can be caused by the synchronous contractions or alternating of antagonistic muscles. It is one of the most common movement disorders and can affect the legs, vocal cords, arms, and head.

Depending on the underlying cause, tremors can be constant, intermittent, short-term, or chronic. Shaky hands can negatively affect the quality of life for those affected as it can lead to difficulty writing and holding utensils.

Tremors can be broadly divided into resting tremors and action tremors. Resting tremors occur when the muscles are relaxed, while action tremors occur when the muscles are contracted during voluntary movement.

Cause #1: Multiple Sclerosis

Multiple sclerosis is a condition where demyelination occurs. This means that the insulating covers (myelin sheath) of the nerve cells for both the brain and spinal cord are damaged. It leads to the disruption of the ability for the nervous system to communicate and can result in various signs and symptoms such as mental, physical, and even psychiatric issues.

Examples include ocular symptoms, trouble with coordination, muscle weakness, among others. Many patients with multiple sclerosis have some degree of tremors which develop when the disease causes damage to the pathways that control movement.

Shaky Hands

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