Cubital Tunnel Syndrome Symptoms

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The ulnar nerve travels all the way down to our hands. It is an important nerve for us because it helps to give us sensation in our hands and arms. As it makes its way to our hands, the nerve travels through a groove at the elbow.

In some instances, the nerve can develop problems in the elbow such as being stretched too much or tissues around it thickening and limiting its ability to function. This is a condition known as cubital tunnel syndrome, and it causes a number of unwelcome symptoms. Here’s a closer look at what those symptoms are.

1. Pain

One of the most common, and most unpleasant, symptoms of cubital tunnel syndrome is the pain it can cause. The severity of the pain will likely range from person to person, but it will usually be experienced in their hand. The pain is also often experienced in the elbow itself, and is often described as being similar to when we hit our “funny bone.” For some patients, the pain involved can be quite unbearable and cause a significant negative impact on their quality of life. Painkilling drugs will likely help, but they need to be used with caution because they can be addictive.

Cubital Tunnel Syndrome

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