10 Dissociative Identity Disorder Symptoms

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The human brain is extremely impressive and has helped us to become the dominant species on our planet. It gives us an intelligence beyond that of any other species that we know of and allows us to investigate way beyond our natural boundaries. As impressive as it is, though, things can sometimes go wrong.

Dissociative identity disorder is a condition that used to be called multiple personality disorder. As that name suggests, the condition can lead to the patient developing multiple personas with distinct personalities.

It is thought that dissociative identity disorder is usually the result of severe physical and/or emotional trauma at a young age.

Symptom #1: Disconnection

Disconnection is actually quite common and not necessarily a sign of mental illness. Most of us will experience it from time to time and it tends to manifest itself as daydreaming. While some of us might daydream more than others, it is not usually something to be concerned about.

For patients with dissociative identity disorder, however, disconnection can be somewhat more serious. The patient can “disconnect” with themselves more frequently and instances can last for longer. If you do know somebody that experiences this often, it may be a good idea to get help for them to try and see if there is a problem.

Dissociative Identity Disorder

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