10 Enlarged Heart Symptoms

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An enlarged heart, also called cardiomegaly, is a condition caused by an underlying disorder that causes the heart to increase in size.

Cardiomegaly may be a hereditary condition. It may also develop if the heart is unable to pump adequate blood due to conditions like pregnancy, weakened heart muscle, heart valve issues, coronary heart disease, and thickening of heart muscles.

The heart enlarges in a quest to pump more blood and thereby transport enough oxygen and nutrients throughout the body. The condition can be temporary or chronic. Below are 10 symptoms of an enlarged heart.

Symptom #1: Chest Pain

Chest pain is usually associated with shortness of breath, another common symptom of nearly all cardiovascular problems. It is in fact rare to find a patient who complains of chest pain without shortness of breath. However, physicians should be aware that these are generally pulmonary symptoms and hence the need to check for any underlying cause.

Cardiomegaly decreases the efficiency of the heart in carrying out its functions. This leads to a decrease in its capability to pump blood to the whole body. Chest pain usually develops with exertion. For this reason, patients should provide their doctors with as much medical history as possible to aid in diagnosis.

Enlarged Heart

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