10 Foods That Cause Flatulence

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The foods that we eat and drink, particularly carbonated drinks, will cause a buildup of gases in our stomachs. Some digestive processes will also result in gases being released internally in our bodies. This can result in bloating as the gases begin to build, and these gases will eventually need to pass out from the body.

These gases will often pass out through the rectum in a condition that is known as flatulence. The bloating associated with flatulence can be quite uncomfortable, while the flatulence itself can be embarrassing.

There are certain types of food you can try to avoid to reduce the chances of flatulence developing. This article looks at 10 of those foods.

Flatulence Causing Food #1: Beans

It is often an ongoing joke that beans can cause flatulence. While some commonly held conceptions are nothing but urban myths, beans causing flatulence is a well-deserved reputation. In fact, they are probably at the top of the list of foods that cause us to pass gas.

Beans are a good source of a complex sugar that is known as raffinose. This compound is difficult for our digestive system to digest, so it tends to pass all the way through to the large intestine. It is then digested here by bacteria, and the process results in quite a lot of gas that then needs to be passed out of the body.


Flatulence Causing Food #2: Soda

Kids just love soda, as do a lot of adults. Who can blame them? After all it tastes great and is so refreshing. This presents a problem though because soda’s sweetness comes largely from an unhealthy amount of refined sugar. A little soda from time to time won’t do you much harm, but you really should keep it to a minimum.

One reason for soda’s popularity is that it is carbonated. When ingested, carbonated drinks continue to produce gas, and this gas has to go somewhere. It will often come out at the top end when we burp, while it will also sometimes need to come out at the other end.

Flatulence Causing Food #3: Apples

Apples, along with other fruit, are among the healthiest of foods that anybody can eat. They are packed full of important nutrients while also being low in bad ingredients such as fats. They are also very convenient to eat as they can be eaten just as they are.

As tasty and nutritious as they are, though, not everybody is able to enjoy apples. Apples are a source of fiber and a natural sugar known as fructose. Both of these can cause bloating in some people, and this can lead to flatulence. The good news is that cooked apples are less likely to be problematic.


Flatulence Causing Food #4: Vegetables

Vegetables are good for us, and it is recommended that we get some in our diet every day. This is easier for some people than others because a lot of people don’t like the flavor. Some people might also have other reasons to try and avoid them as much as possible.

Vegetables are a good source of raffinose, the same compound that helps to make beans cause flatulence. Certain veggies such as cabbage, asparagus, and Brussels sprouts are the main culprits, whereas other types may not cause any flatulence at all. While it can be understandable that you might want to avoid them, vegetables are still very important for us.

Flatulence Causing Food #5: Dairy

Dairy products are a very good source of nutrition and are an important part of diets around the world. Nutrients like calcium, proteins, and fats mean that it can help young people to grow, and help adults to maintain and repair their bodies.

Unfortunately, though, some people will have difficulty digesting dairy. Dairy contains lactose, which is a type of sugar that most of us have little difficulty processing. This requires the production of an enzyme known as lactase, however, and not everybody produces this enzyme. This is a condition known as lactose intolerance, and it can lead to various unwelcome symptoms, including flatulence.


Flatulence Causing Food #6: Lentils

Lentils are a staple food for many people on the Indian subcontinent. They are also quite popular elsewhere in the world, particularly among people that wish to eat healthy diets. They are popular partly for their high nutrition content as they are a good source of fiber, protein, and various vitamins and minerals.

Lentils also contain a type of carbohydrate that can be difficult to break down, leading to bloating and more than usual gas being produced. People experiencing difficulties with lentils may find that they have fewer problems with lighter colored lentils. Soaking them overnight may also reduce the amount of gas they cause.

Flatulence Causing Food #7: Whole Grains

A lot of the foods that we eat are made from grains. Most breads are made from grains, as well as pasta and pastries. They are mostly quite good for us thanks to their high fiber content, among other things. Fiber is generally very good for us because it helps to keep the digestive system healthy, but too much can be a problem.

The raffinose, starch, and fiber that are found in whole grains will be broken down in the large intestine by bacteria. This causes gas, and this gas has to escape from the body somehow. This does not mean to say that they are bad for us, but you might need to be careful about eating them before you go out.


Flatulence Causing Food #8: Onions

There are countless different dishes that have onions in them. Some of these dishes will only contain small amounts of onion, while sometimes onion can be the main ingredient. They can be very pungent, especially when being eaten raw, and they can also cause some unwelcome aromas in other ways.

Some people will have difficulty with flatulence after eating onions. This is because they contain compounds such as raffinose and fructose. As explained earlier, these will be digested by bacteria in the large intestine and this process will produce gas. When this gas is produced in the large intestine, there is only one way it can escape from the body.

Flatulence Causing Food #9: Processed Foods

In a world where time is precious, processed foods have seen great popularity. Processed foods allow us to get quick meals when we have no time for cooking. While they may be convenient, however, they are often far from healthy. While they can lead to a decrease in your health in the long term, they can also lead to problems in the short term.

Processed foods tend to have ingredients that are likely to cause flatulence. You should try to avoid them as much as you can not only to avoid flatulence, but also for your well-being overall. If you are often in a rush, remember that you can make food from scratch earlier and store it in the fridge for when you need it.

Flatulence Causing Food #10: Chewing Gum

A lot of people look upon chewing gum as an unpleasant habit, but that does not always have to be the case. Provided it is disposed of properly, it shouldn’t be a problem for anybody. In fact, chewing gum even comes with some health benefits, such as helping to maintain oral hygiene.

Some people, however, can find that chewing gum leads to flatulence. When we are chewing gum, we are likely to swallow quite a bit of air and this can end up coming out at the other end. It also contains compounds such as sugar alcohols, which are hard to digest, and this can lead to flatulence.


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