10 Foods That Cause Flatulence

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The foods that we eat and drink, particularly carbonated drinks, will cause a buildup of gases in our stomachs. Some digestive processes will also result in gases being released internally in our bodies. This can result in bloating as the gases begin to build, and these gases will eventually need to pass out from the body.

These gases will often pass out through the rectum in a condition that is known as flatulence. The bloating associated with flatulence can be quite uncomfortable, while the flatulence itself can be embarrassing.

There are certain types of food you can try to avoid to reduce the chances of flatulence developing. This article looks at 10 of those foods.

Flatulence Causing Food #1: Beans

It is often an ongoing joke that beans can cause flatulence. While some commonly held conceptions are nothing but urban myths, beans causing flatulence is a well-deserved reputation. In fact, they are probably at the top of the list of foods that cause us to pass gas.

Beans are a good source of a complex sugar that is known as raffinose. This compound is difficult for our digestive system to digest, so it tends to pass all the way through to the large intestine. It is then digested here by bacteria, and the process results in quite a lot of gas that then needs to be passed out of the body.


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