GAPS Diet Benefits, Foods & More

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Medical Expert Medical Expert

Invented by doctor and author Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride MD, the GAPS diet aims to treat a condition called leaky gut, which Campbell-McBride presumes may be an underlying factor responsible for several conditions, including eczema, schizophrenia, asthma and autism. Campbell-McBride believes that this strict diet, which eliminates all grains, sugar, pasteurized dairy and starchy legumes and vegetables, can be useful in treating a number of these conditions.

While the GAPS diet has many vocal proponents who espouse its benefits, this diet is anecdotal, as it lacks research studies, with many nutritionists and dietary experts advising against the diet.1Kennedy, Madeline. ‘What Is the GAPS Diet and Why One Expert Says She Wouldnt Recommend It under Any Circumstances.’ Insider, Insider, 21 May 2020,

Alleged Benefits

The GAPS diet aims to help manage autism and other brain conditions, as well as leaky gut, which Dr. Campbell McBride believes is the root cause of many medical conditions.

The body's gut flora and digestive system play an important role in digestion, the immune system, blood sugar levels and brain and heart health. The jury is out on whether GAPS diet's strict regimen aims to promote healthy gut flora. This diet probably helps because it encourages the consumption of probiotic rich foods and supplements. However, the diet poses a tremendous lifestyle change to anyone who undertakes it over the long term.3Campbell-McBride, Natasha. ‘Gut and Psychology Syndrome.’ Medinform Publishing, 2012


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