10 Health Benefits of Electrolytes

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Our bodies run largely on electrical pulses. Indeed, we have enough of an electrical charge to light up a lightbulb. To help these tiny charges to run through our body, we have certain minerals that help to conduct these charges. These are known as electrolytes, and they are very important to us.

Electrolytes also help us to maintain a balance of fluids and other factors in our body. Fortunately, electrolytes are common, meaning that few people will have difficulty including them in their diets.

Getting electrolytes in your body provides various health benefits, some of which are listed below.

Health Benefit Of Electrolytes #1: Helps with Diarrhea

Diarrhea is a result of our food passing through our digestive system too quickly. This can be down to various factors, with sickness and/or irritation of the system being among the most common. This results in our stools being more watery than usual because they have not spent enough time in the body for the liquid to be absorbed.

Not only is this unpleasant, but it can also be dangerous. Diarrhea means that a lot of water is passing out through the body and this can lead to dehydration. Electrolytes, however, can help us to absorb and use water more effectively, helping to prevent dehydration from diarrhea.


Health Benefit Of Electrolytes #2: Maintains pH Balance

Our blood tends to vary slightly in regards to its pH balance. This is usually just fine, provided it remains within safe levels of course. This can mostly be achieved by eating certain foods although there are some medical conditions that can have an impact on our pH balance.

If you are struggling to maintain a healthy balance then electrolytes could be just what you need. It can help to regulate the pH balance either way, making it ideal whether your blood is too acidic, or too alkaline. Remember to always follow medical advice if the imbalance is a problem for you, though.

Health Benefit Of Electrolytes #3: Improves Performance

The top athletes will do what they can to push themselves as hard as possible. Each performance will be built upon, so a good performance today can mean an even better performance tomorrow. This takes a lot of hard work, although there are steps that athletes can take that can help.

One such step is to drink electrolytes before exercising. This makes it easier for the athlete to replace lost energy as they are exercising, allowing them to work harder and for longer. It also helps to replenish water, keeping them hydrated for longer. They are also very easy to use and can be taken before every session.


Health Benefit Of Electrolytes #4: Prevents Dehydration

The vast majority of people in developed countries have easy access to clean, drinkable water. This means that it is easy for us to top up with fluids when we need to, therefore meaning the dehydration is unlikely. That is not to say that it cannot still happen, though, but electrolytes can help to ensure that it doesn’t.

Some medical conditions might cause people to become dehydrated easier than usual. Some people might also find themselves in situations where they will be without water for long periods. These people can benefit from electrolytes, which will help to keep them well hydrated.

Health Benefit Of Electrolytes #5: Prevents Hangovers

Having a few drinks can be a lot of fun. You can also find that you will be paying for it the following day. Hangovers can range in severity from being mildly uncomfortable to downright unbearable. There are some steps that you can take to prevent or reduce hangover symptoms, and electrolytes are one of them.

Hangovers are mostly down to dehydration. As such, get plenty of liquids on board and you are reducing your chances of having a sore head the following day. Add in some electrolytes and fluids will become even more effective at hydrating you, and keeping you hydrated. Take some before you go to sleep and you will hopefully have a clear head in the morning.


Health Benefit Of Electrolytes #6: Heat Stroke

A lot of us just love to be out when the weather is fine. When the sun is out, we often strip down to shorts or swimsuits to catch as much of the sun as possible. As much as the finer weather can be enjoyable, however, we do need to be careful not to get too much of it.

When it is too hot, our cooling system may not be able to cope. This can cause the body temperature to rise beyond normal levels, resulting in a condition known as heat stroke. Electrolytes, however, can help to keep the body’s cooling system working well by keeping the body dehydrated and allowing perspiration.

Health Benefit Of Electrolytes #7: Prevents Cramping

When we want to move, our brains will send an electrical signal to our muscles and this signal tells them to contract. It happens very quickly so our movement is almost instant, and with many muscles to move, our movements can be quite complex. If the signals don’t carry as well as they should do, however, then things can start to go wrong.

Sometimes, confusing signals can send conflicting messages to the muscles. This can cause them to contract involuntarily in what we know as a cramp. Electrolytes can help ensure that the messages get through as intended, helping to prevent cramps from occurring.


Health Benefit Of Electrolytes #8: Prevent Fatigue

If we don’t have enough energy in our body then we can begin to feel fatigued. It happens pretty much every day, such as at the end of the day or when we get hungry. It is usually easy to remedy by getting something to eat and/or getting plenty of sleep. The solution can also sometimes be to drink electrolytes.

Electrolytes help ensure that electrical signals are able to pass freely through the body and this helps to keep us energized. Indeed, fatigue is often down to a deficiency of electrolytes in the body. As such, consuming electrolytes can help to overcome and prevent fatigue.

Health Benefit Of Electrolytes #9: Improved Nerve Functions

Our nerves are constantly sending information back and forth to the brain. They are constantly telling the brain what is around us and this is essential so we can avoid dangers and find food. They also help to ensure that organs and other parts of the body are operating effectively.

Our nerves require electrolytes so they are able to freely send their messages. It follows that our nerves will not be able to function to their maximum potential if these electrolytes are lacking. This means that a deficiency of electrolytes can result in impaired nerve function, but it is an easy problem to remedy.

Health Benefit Of Electrolytes #10: Heart Function

Our heart is a type of pump that is made up almost entirely of muscle. Electrical signals from a natural pacemaker tell the heart when to pump. This helps maintain a regular rhythm and a smooth flow of blood. Electrolytes are important to help make sure that the system operates smoothly and effectively.

Some heart conditions can be a result of a lack of electrolytes. Symptoms include disturbances in the rhythm of the heart and this can, in turn, lead to a disturbance in the flow of blood around the body. Getting plenty of electrolytes in your diet can help prevent this, and keep your heart running smoothly 24/7.


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