10 Health Benefits of Maple Syrup

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Maple syrup, as the name suggests, is a product made from the sap tapped from maple trees. North America, especially Canada, grows most of the maple trees and, therefore, also produces most of the maple syrup sold and used around the world.

Maple syrup is used as a flavoring and sweetening agent. It is a common ingredient in pancakes, French toast, oatmeal, and porridge.

Besides being a natural sweetener that may rival white table sugar, maple syrup contains a variety of nutritional, antioxidant, and anti-inflammatory components, which give maple syrup many medicinal benefits. This article looks at 10 of these benefits.

Maple Syrup Benefit #1: Antioxidant

One of the great benefits of maple syrup that should entice you to include it in your diet is its antioxidant properties. In fact, over twenty chemical constituents found in maple syrup can work as antioxidants. These substances help to mop up the reactive chemicals that often build-up from normal metabolic processes. Free radicals lead to oxidative stress, which can cause damage to normal cells and chronic inflammation.

Consequently, various body processes can be derailed or, worse still, disease conditions can arise from the excessive oxidative stress. It is well established that one of the common causes of cancer is excessive reactive species. So, the next time you snack on something laced with maple syrup, you know the important benefits.

Maple Syrup

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