10 Hypothyroidism Symptoms

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Hypothyroidism develops when the thyroid gland produces less thyroid hormone than necessary. Because the levels of thyroid hormones are lower than they should, the entire metabolism in the human body will be impaired. Hashimoto’s thyroiditis is the most common cause of hypothyroidism, but, radioactive iodine treatment, thyroid surgery, neck radiation therapy, certain types of medications, pregnancy, disorders of the hypothalamus, or pituitary gland disorders can lead to hypothyroidism as well.

Hypothyroidism is easily diagnosed with thyroid function tests. If the level of thyroid is lower than normal, synthetic thyroid hormone therapy is recommended. This kind of therapy is safe, effective, and simple.

Women after the age of 60 years old are more likely to develop hypothyroidism, even though it can affect men as well. Common hypothyroidism symptoms are:

Symptom #1: Fatigue

Fatigue and a lack of energy are the first symptoms that a person with hypothyroidism will develop. However, often these symptoms are not taken seriously and it will take weeks and months before hypothyroidism is diagnosed, not until other more serious symptoms become noticeable.

Thyroid hormones have a great impact on the metabolism and other hormones. Because of a slower metabolism and impaired functioning of other hormones, a lack of energy and fatigue usually develop.


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