Is Pickle Juice Good for You?

By adr.ian
Reviewed: dr. vanta
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You can buy it by the gallon, minus the pickles, or you can quite easily make your own with a few simple ingredients, many of which you're likely to already have in your kitchen cupboards. Pickle juice. The thought of drinking a glass of pickle juice may not be met with great anticipation by everyone.

The taste may not be agreeable to everyone's palate, but that could be a small price to pay if, for instance, the pickle juice was beneficial to their health. So, is pickle juice good for you? Well, in terms of health benefits, it may have a lot to offer.

What Is Pickle Juice?

Originally, pickle juice was made by soaking cucumbers in acidic brine. It's believed that the method dates back more than 4,000 years when the Mesopotamians used it to preserve the green vegetable. The three main ingredients in this procedure are salt, water, and of course, cucumber.

After many weeks of curing, the cucumber transforms into pickles, which are ready to eat. It's the juice that surrounds the pickles that could have some benefit, in one way or another, on an individual's health. Nowadays, pickle juice is made in various ways, but vinegar, water and salt are prominent ingredients in most.

Pickle Juice

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