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Life has its ups and downs. We all go through periods when times are rough, but we will usually manage to stay afloat and come out of the other end okay. This is not always easy, though, and some people may struggle to come out at the other end at all.

A nervous breakdown is a term given when people who are struggling due to a period of extreme stress. It can be so debilitating for them that they are unable to meet their commitments and this can make things even worse.

A nervous breakdown can also cause people to behave uncharacteristically, hurting the people around them. It can even lead to them taking their own lives. Below are 10 symptoms of a nervous breakdown to be aware of.

Symptom #1: Insomnia

It is very important that we get enough sleep. People who get plenty of sleep tend to be healthy, both physically and mentally. All it usually takes is to go to bed at the right time and you will be fast asleep in no time. Unfortunately for many people, it isn’t this easy.

People who are suffering from a nervous breakdown will sometimes find that it is all but impossible to sleep at night. This can make matters even worse because sleeping helps us to reset our levels of stress. Sleeping tablets can help but bear in mind that many are addictive and should be used with caution.

Nervous Breakdown

Symptom #2: Struggling to Cope

Pretty much every day we will have quite a lot to do. It starts in the morning when we are getting the kids ready for school and/or getting yourself ready for work. We can be busy throughout the whole working day, and even after we get home from work. It can be tiring and frustrating, but we are usually at least on top of it all.

Somebody suffering from a nervous breakdown, however, will find it difficult to cope with everything. Even getting ready in the morning can be a challenge for them, let alone doing their actual job. This is down to high levels of cortisol in the body, which itself is a symptom/cause of a nervous breakdown.

Symptom #3: Mood Swings

We are all often at the whim of the actions of other people, and natural events. These things can really test us on occasion and everybody is likely to find their mood changes occasionally as a result. Still, though, most of us usually have a steady mood when things are going fairly smoothly.

Somebody that is suffering from a nervous breakdown, however, is likely to experience extreme swings in mood. They can go from being happy one moment to angry the next, and for even the smallest of reasons. It can make the patient difficult to be around, but you should bear in mind that it is probably not the patient’s fault.

Nervous Breakdown

Symptom #4: No Time for Rest

Most of us do live fairly busy lives, with a fairly hectic schedule from the moment we wake up. Even the busiest of us will find some time to wind down, though. Even if it is just a relaxing lunch break or reading a book before we sleep, we should all get some time to relax.

People who are suffering from a nervous breakdown will feel as though they never get a chance to stop. They will always be on the go without a single minute to just slow down and wind down. This makes the problem worse because rest is important for maintaining good mental health.

Symptom #5: Destructive Behavior

It is important that we go through our lives respecting other people and respecting our own well-being. How we take care of ourselves has a huge impact on our health and overall well-being. Treating other people well has an impact on how other people treat us. The latter is very important when it comes to relationships and career progress.

In cases of a nervous breakdown, however, the patient can act in uncharacteristic ways that can be destructive to their lives. Some will turn to substance abuse, even during the working week, while others can act unsociably to work colleagues and even people who are close to them.

Nervous Breakdown

Symptom #6: Anxiety Attacks

We will all experience anxiety at some point in our lives. If we have a big event coming up such as a date or a job interview, then we are bound to be feeling nervous about it. It is only natural, and the feeling will pass once the event has passed. For some people, though, it can be a crippling experience.

Patients suffering from a nervous breakdown can find that they have anxiety attacks for no apparent reason. These attacks can be debilitating for the patient and they can have a considerable negative impact on their quality of life. If you do experience such attacks then you should speak with a professional as soon as you can.

Symptom #7: Fantasies of Escaping

Most of us have some desire to get away from it all from time to time. Life can be tiring and stressful and sometimes all we want is a week or two on the beach to help us relax and reinvigorate ourselves. If you are suffering from a nervous breakdown, however, then the desire can be so much stronger.

Patients with the condition will not just want to get away from it all for a short while, but altogether. They will be looking for a permanent way out, such as leading a new life that, according to them, will make everything better. In the meantime, however, they will also be telling themselves that they have to keep on going.

Nervous Breakdown

Symptom #8: Social Withdrawal

Pretty much everybody has some friends, even if it is only one or two. We are sociable creatures and it is important for our mental health that we do socialize with other people from time to time. If you or somebody you know has started to withdraw from socializing with others, however, then it could be a sign of a nervous breakdown.

Socializing can sometimes just feel like too much effort for somebody experiencing a nervous breakdown. Patients can also feel as though they need to be seen as being strong and don’t want others to see that they are really struggling. Socializing is important for our well-being, though, so it is important to see as many friends as you can.

Symptom #9: Numbness

This is not a physical numbness, but an emotional numbness. Life is largely enjoyable because of the things that we enjoy and the things we care about. Whether it is family, our career, or hobbies, we all have something that we enjoy. People who are experiencing a nervous breakdown, however, can lose this passion for life.

Patients with the condition can find that nothing interests them anymore. They no longer dress to make themselves presentable because they just don’t care, they no longer want to take part in their favorite activities, and they even lose interest in the people who are closest to them.

Symptom #10: Feeling Like a Failure

We can’t all be brilliant at everything, but most of us are good at something. Whether it is reaching the heights of your chosen sport, or even just being a good person, we usually have something that helps us to feel as though we deserve a place in society. However, this is often not the case in people who are suffering from a nervous breakdown.

People with the condition can sometimes feel as though they are a complete failure in life. They can feel as though they have not achieved anything in life, even if they have. They can also experience a complete loss of hope, and feel as though they had might as well take their own lives. This is a very dangerous situation and the patient needs help.

Nervous Breakdown

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