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Carbohydrates help to provide us with the energy that we need. While this is important to us, they can be very fattening, and can also lead to various health problems. Many people are looking for low carb diets instead, with a high-fat content so that the fats can provide the energy in place of the carbs.

Eating a low carb diet can be tricky, though, as carbs are present in many types of food. Even healthy foods such as fruit and veg can have high carb content, making it seemingly difficult to find tasty and nutritious food that is suitable for such a diet. The good news, though, is that there are many foods that have a very low carb content while also providing nutrition and flavour. Some foods even contain no carbohydrates at all.

No Carb Food #1: Beef

Beef is delicious and can be cooked in a wide number of ways. Whether in a roast or as a steak served with fries, it is among the most popular of all meats there is. What’s more is that it is also packed full of protein and other important nutrients. It also has zero carbs, making it a perfect food for anybody on a low carb diet.

Some beef cuts can be high in fat content, but this is fine for people on a low carb, high-fat diet. The fat itself is also very nutritious, supplying us with lots of vitamins and minerals. For those that would rather avoid high-fat content, leaner cuts are available.

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No Carb Food #2: Liver

The liver is an organ that is responsible for keeping the blood clean from toxins. As food, it is an excellent source of iron as well as many other vitamins in minerals. The good news for people on a no-carb diet is that liver contains no carbohydrates whatsoever.

The liver isn’t the only no carb organ. The heart and brains also contain no carbs, while being packed with nutrition. They might not be ideal for people that are a little squeamish, but they do make for a healthy and nutritious meal. They also make for quite a distinctive flavour for something a little bit different.

No Carb Food #3: Fats

Fats are often demonised in healthy living circles. We are often told that too much fat is unhealthy and will lead to obesity, among other problems. While it is true that too much fat is not good for us, though, the same can be said for anything. One of the biggest criminals of all in the world of healthy living is carbohydrates, of which fat has none at all.

In addition to having no carbs, fat is packed full of important nutrients and are very important for our well being. Not only that, but they help to make our food simply delicious. Just don’t overdo it, and fats can be part of a healthy no-carb diet.

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No Carb Food #4: Chicken

Chicken is perhaps the most popular of all meats worldwide. It can be cooked in so many different ways and is found in cuisines all over the world. It is also an excellent source of protein and is relatively low in calories. Another benefit of chicken is that it contains no carbohydrates whatsoever.

These nutritional values make chicken an ideal food for people that want protein while eating a healthy diet. For some added fat, chicken tastes delicious when it is fried. If you wish to make the most of its no-carb content, be mindful of adding sauces and other ingredients that contain carbohydrates.

No Carb Food #5: Olive Oil

Olive oil has long been a favourite foodstuff to have in the kitchen for those that like to cook. It can be used in frying, can be drizzled on salads and used in a number of other ways. It helps to really bring many dishes to life is packed full of essential vitamins and minerals. It is often called that healthiest fat of all and is thought to bring a number of health benefits.

In addition, olive oil contains zero carbs. This makes it ideal for people that want a no-carb, high-fat diet that also tastes delicious. When used with other no-carb ingredients, it can make healthy meals tasty as well as being good for you.

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No Carb Food #6: Shrimp

Shrimp is among the most popular of all seafood and is used in dishes all over the world. It is almost identical to its close cousin, prawn, which lives in freshwater rather than salt water. Both are packed in protein and other nutrients. Both are also popular in low carb diets as they contain no carbs whatsoever.

Not all seafood boasts this zero-carb statistic, though, so you should check first if you are on a low carb diet. While lobster and crab contain no carbs, you should try and avoid imitation foods that tend to be packed with carbs and lacking nutrition.

No Carb Food #7: Fish

Mankind has been eating fish for as long as we can remember. It is full of nutrition and an excellent source of protein. It is also an excellent source of omega 3 fatty acids that provide us with a variety of health benefits. Best of all for some people is that fish contains no carbohydrates at all.

Tuna, in particular, is known for its nutrition packed properties, while salmon is often the favourite for people looking for a healthy and nutritious meal. Both can be served cooked or raw and are versatile in a variety of other dishes. Fish makes for an excellent healthy no-carb food, especially when cooked in certain ways.

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No Carb Food #8: Eggs

If it is protein you are looking for, look no further than eggs. Egg whites, in particular, are very rich in protein, while eggs, in general, are packed with essential vitamins and minerals. Eggs are also excellent when cooked alone as a snack, for breakfast, and also as an ingredient in a variety of dishes.

In addition to the nutrition eggs provide, they are also favoured by people on a low carb diet as they contain no carbohydrates at all. This makes them an ideal supplement for people that are looking for extra nutrition, or as a meal just because they taste great.

No Carb Food #9: Coffee

Many of us struggle to really get going in the morning until we’ve had our first caffeine fix. For many people, this means a cup of strong coffee, and the good news for people on a low carb diet is that coffee contains no carbs at all. Just be mindful of adding sugars, creamers and other sweeteners though, of course.

Tea is also an option. Although it does contain some carbohydrates, it has a very small amount so should make little to no difference to those on a low carb diet. If you do wish to sweeten up your tea or coffee a little, you could try adding some butter.

No Carb Food #10: Spirits

Many of us enjoy a drink from time to time. It helps us to wind down after a week of working hard and is great for socialising and generally having fun. Many types of alcohol contain rather a lot of sugar, though, meaning that they are not suitable for people on a no-carb diet.

The good news, though, is that there are no carbs whatsoever in spirits, meaning even those on a no-carb diet can enjoy a tipple. You will need to be mindful that many mixers will contain carbs, though, especially the sweet varieties. If you are drinking whiskey, one carb free mixer option is plain water, which will help take the edge off if needed.

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