10 Postpartum Depression Symptoms

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Postpartum depression—sometimes referred to affectionately as the baby blues—is a mental health condition that can affect mothers who have recently given birth. It’s no secret that a new mother will be experiencing an abundance of intense emotions, but not everyone considers the fact that many new mothers experience depression. The baby blues tend to begin a few days after childbirth and can last for weeks or up to a month after. This is relatively normal; however, some people experience long-term depression. This is what’s known as postpartum depression.

Depending on the cause of the depression, some mothers may need to seek psychological help from a counsellor or therapist. For example, someone who wasn’t prepared to have a baby may need more support to handle the new responsibility. Except in the most extreme cases of postpartum depression—usually coinciding with another medical condition—medication is not usually needed and therapy or counseling can help women overcome their issue.

If you’re wondering whether you’re struggling with the baby blues or a more serious case of postpartum depression, it can be helpful to read a list of symptoms associated with the problem. If you’re experiencing several of these symptoms then it could be a good idea to talk to your therapist or counsellor about getting treatment for your depression.

Symptom #1: Anxiety

Regardless of whether you’re suffering from postpartum depression or not, it’s natural to feel some anxiety shortly after childbirth. In fact, many women are wracked with anxiety for their entire pregnancy.

Unfortunately, anxiety can be a very debilitating problem. Healthy ways to manage anxiety include counseling, therapy, walking in nature, and doing grounding physical exercises such as yoga. Eating healthy is also tremendously important for fighting anxiety, and your baby will thank you as well.

Postpartum Depression

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