10 Symptoms of Skin Cancer

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Cancer has been a thorn in the side of mankind since we can remember. Nobody is completely safe from it, no matter how careful we might be, and it does have the potential to be fatal. Our chances of catching cancer are greater if we expose ourselves to potential causes. One such cause is the same thing that gives our planet the energy it needs: the sun.

Our sun is nothing special in a celestial sense but it is by far the closest star to us. It is so close that we are bathed in its ultraviolet rays that can cause damage to the cells in our body. This damage can lead to cancer of the skin, although it is not the only cause. The good news is that, if caught quick enough, skin cancer is fairly straightforward to treat.

Symptom #1: Ulcers

Ulcers are not uncommon. They are basically an area where the surface tissues are missing, revealing the tissues below. They can occur in numerous places on the body including the stomach, the mouth and on the skin. A skin ulcer is in itself not necessarily something to worry about as they can be caused by a huge range of harmless factors.

That ulcers are quite common means that the symptom will often be overlooked as something quite harmless. If you are unsure then you should arrange to get it checked by a professional. If diagnosed and treated early, the chances of making a full recovery are high.

Skin Cancer

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