10 Symptoms of Parasites In Humans

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There is a vast range of living organisms on our planet. Each species has evolved to live in a certain way, feeding on certain foods and living in certain dwellings. Predatory animals manage to survive by feeding on other animals, but some animals live of others in a different way.

Parasites are organisms that use other organisms as a host. They can sometimes feed directly from their host, while sometimes they will feed by stealing food and other resources from their host.

Some of these parasites will live in people if given the opportunity, and they can cause some very unwelcome symptoms, some of which are discussed below.

Symptom #1: Weight Loss

There was a time when people used to be able to purchase weight loss medication that was actually the eggs of intestinal worms. Once ingested, the worms would begin to grow, consuming a lot of calories on your behalf. This probably seemed like a great idea at the time, but we have since learned that this can be very unhealthy for us.

Losing too much weight too quickly can be very bad for your health. If you are suddenly dropping weight and you don’t know why, it could be that you have intestinal worms. Regardless of the suspected cause, sudden weight loss is something that you should get checked out by a doctor.

Parasites In Humans

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