10 Symptoms Of Phlebitis

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Phlebitis is a condition in which a patient’s vein becomes inflamed. This can cause irritation and a range of other very unwelcome symptoms. Some of the symptoms are clearly visible through the skin when the vein that is affected is close to the surface.

There are various causes of phlebitis. Thrombophlebitis is an inflammation of a vein that is caused by the presence of a blood clot. There is also superficial phlebitis and deep vein phlebitis.

It is a condition that can be quite uncomfortable and should be treated where possible. Treatment usually includes anti-inflammatory medications and drugs that help to thin the blood, among others.

Symptom #1: Fever

A fever is one of our body’s natural defense mechanisms against infection and some other conditions. While a fever can be uncomfortable, and even very concerning in some instances, it is usually harmless. If anything, they are usually helpful in that they help to accelerate healing and recovery.

However, fevers can get dangerous if they get too high, so the patient should be monitored. Thankfully, however, the fever associated with phlebitis is only likely to be a low-grade fever, but it can still be a good idea to keep an eye on the patient.


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