What Is a Bone Infection?

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Our bones need to be strong enough to help support our bodies, and anything we are carrying. They are also located within the body, relatively safe from external dangerous such as pathogens. This does not mean to say that our bones are completely safe from becoming infected, however.

Our bones can become infected and, when they do, it has the potential to be very serious. Thanks to modern medicine, however, such infections are treatable, but treatment should be found as soon as possible. If appropriate medical assistance is not found soon enough then the patient might end up losing parts of their body.

1. Osteomyelitis

Osteomyelitis is the medical term for a bone infection. In the past, it was a condition that was considered to be incurable and, ultimately, fatal if the infected bone is not amputated in time. With new medicine, however, the condition can be treated successfully in most cases. Regardless, surgery is still usually required.

There are a number of potential ways that osteomyelitis can occur. In some cases, an injury can mean that the bone will be infected directly. In other cases, an infection elsewhere in the body can spread to the body. Regardless, it can be very dangerous if not treated so the patient should be found treatment as soon as possible.

Bone Infection

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