What Is Bullous Myringitis?

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Ear infections are not uncommon. They can be difficult to handle with some very unwelcome symptoms, including inconsiderable pain. As uncomfortable as they can be, however, ear infections are usually fairly short-lived and will cause no long term harm.

There are different types of ear infection, one of which is bullous myringitis. This type of infection will sometimes be caused by an existing ear infection, adding to the patient’s discomfort. To make things worse, bullous myringitis is known for being particularly painful. It tends to happen in children more so than adults, and it should be treated as soon as possible.

1. Bullous Myringitis

Ear infections are not uncommon, and they can be very unpleasant. It is an infection that usually affects children but adults can also get it. It tends to come on suddenly and will usually last for 1 or two days before fading. Bullous myringitis infects the eardrum specifically and it can cause blisters to form on the eardrum.

These blisters are particularly troublesome as they can cause excruciating pain for the patient. In the vast majority of cases, the infection will pass without doing any permanent damage. The disease can also cause some other very unwelcome symptoms for the patient.

Bullous Myringitis

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