What Is Fetal Alcohol Syndrome?

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It is very important that pregnant women do what they can to keep their developing babies safe. While the growing fetus is relatively safe in the womb, the baby is still at some risk from harm. There are a number of ways an unborn child can be harmed, and one of them is if the mother consumes alcohol while pregnant

The best possible way for pregnant women to ensure their baby has no alcohol related problems when they are born is to completely abstain from alcohol. In addition, pregnant women should also keep clear of other potentially harmful substances, such as tobacco.

1. Alcohol And Fetuses

The placenta acts as a direct connection between mother and baby, and it is through the placenta that the growing fetus will receive its nutrition. The placenta also helps to filter out most toxins, helping to keep the baby safe. It doesn’t filter out all toxins, however, and one such toxin is alcohol.

If the mother drinks alcohol, then it will be passed on to the baby, and here it can do a great deal of harm. Bearing in mind also that the baby will not have a fully functioning liver so the alcohol will take longer to break down. In addition, consuming excess alcohol can lead to the mother not passing on sufficient oxygen and nutrients to the baby.

Fetal Alcohol Syndrome

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