What Is Gastroparesis?

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Gastroparesis is a condition that prevents food from moving through your stomach as quickly as it should. The muscles within the stomach do not contract normally. Instead, they move more slowly or don’t work at all. This leaves food sitting in your stomach for longer than it should.

The term gastroparesis means “stomach paralysis.” In a normal stomach, your muscles work to pulverize ingested food, which then is able to move down into the small intestines. When the food doesn’t get crushed, it can’t continue on.

1. Causes of Gastroparesis

It isn’t always clear what causes gastroparesis in any given person; however, there are a number of known factors that can result in the condition. Diabetes is the leading cause, but infections and autoimmune and endocrine disorders, as well as neuromuscular diseases and connective tissue disorders, are also potential causes.

In addition to physiological causes, there are several other possible factors that can lead to developing gastroparesis. Eating disorders can result in slow gastric emptying, though the condition is often remedied when normal eating patterns are again established. Some psychological disorders are associated with gastroparesis, as are some medications and medical procedures.


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