What Is Granuloma Annulare?

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Granuloma annulare is a skin condition that causes lesions or bumps to form. Inflammation in the skin also leads to discoloration of the affected areas. The condition can appear anywhere on the body; however, GA most frequently affects the fingers, hands and feet. Typically, only one part of the body is impacted, though it is possible to get it in multiple locations.

GA is chronic, typically lasting for two years and often recurring. There are five types of granuloma annulare, each with a different set of symptoms. The prevalence of the disorder in the general population is not known. Interestingly, one type, perforating granuloma annulare, is more common in Hawaii than elsewhere.

1. Granuloma Annulare Causes

The specific causes of GA are unknown. Some research indicates that there may be a connection with the immune system. In addition, there is a potential hereditary component, as it sometimes runs in families. However, the means of inheritance has not thus far been discovered.

There are apparent triggers that are connected with the disorder’s onset. Exposure to sunlight for a lengthy period of time, insect or animal bites and minor skin injuries bring about the condition in some people. In others, the trigger may be an infection, vaccinations or tuberculin skin tests. Allopurinol and other drugs have also been associated with GA.

Granuloma Annulare

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