What Is Lou Gehrig's Disease?

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When we move a muscle, it happens because messages are sent from the brain to the muscle instructing that muscle to contract. Messages are also sent the other way that feed the brain with information on what is going on around us. These messages are sent with the help of specialized cells that relay electrical impulses through the body.

If these cells were to become damaged then their ability to relay messages will be affected. There are various things that can cause this, and Lou Gehrig’s disease, which is also known as amyotrophic lateral sclerosis is one of them. There is no known cure for the disease, and the patient can expect to live for up to around 5 years after diagnosis.

1. Causes

Lou Gehrig’s disease is a medical condition that affects certain nerve cells in our body. In particular it affects motor neuron cells, and these are important to us because they allow us to make voluntary movements. When these cells are attacked they can stop functioning, and this can mean that we no longer have control over our muscles.

In the majority of cases, the cause of Lou Gehrig’s disease is not known. However we do know that the condition is inherited in up to 10% of cases. Leading theories behind the other causes of Lou Gehrig’s disease revolve around a combination of environmental and genetic factors.

Lou Gehrig's Disease

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