What Is Neurofibromatosis?

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Tumors are abnormal growths of tissue in or on the body. They are fairly common and many people will develop one at some point in their lives. In the vast majority of cases they will be quite harmless, and doctors may even recommend leaving them alone once they have been discovered.

Not all tumors are harmless, however. Some can turn malignant, and this will mean that they spread to other parts of the body. Even a tumor that does not turn malignant can become a problem, however, depending on where it is. Their location can cause them to interfere with the functioning of the body, and neurofibromatosis is an example of this happening.

1. Neurofibromatosis

Neurofibromatosis is a condition that causes tumors to develop on your nerve tissues, and it is usually found in children or young adults. The tumors can develop in any part of the nervous system, and the severity of the symptoms can vary. In many cases the symptoms will, thankfully, only be mild.

Although most cases are mild, the condition can still to go on to cause some potentially serious complications. In most cases the tumors are benign, which means they will not spread but they can become malignant, at which point they become a lot more dangerous. Treatment involves managing the symptoms and helping to reduce the impact the condition will have on the patient’s life overall.


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