What Is Optic Neuritis?

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Your brain receives information on what the eyes see through the optic nerve, which is a bundle of fibers that runs between the eye and the brain. Optic neuritis is a condition caused by an inflammation of this nerve. Sometimes it is the first sign of multiple sclerosis, but it can also occur in later stages of the disease or independent of MS.

In addition to MS, a disease called neuromyelitis optica leads to inflammation of the optical nerve, as well as the spinal cord. This condition is less common than MS. There are other potential factors that contribute to the disease. Some people experience a single episode of the condition and make a complete recovery.

1. What Are the Autoimmune Causes?

A well-functioning autoimmune system works to fight off pathogens and other invaders to keep your body healthy. Sometimes, however, the system mistakenly attacks healthy tissue. There are several autoimmune conditions that can target the optic nerve, leading to inflammation and damage to the myelin.

MS is the primary autoimmune disease that causes optic neuritis. MS typically results in damage to the nerves in the brain, but often people who have the disease also experience optic neuritis. Neuromyelitis optica is more severe than MS, even though there is less damage to brain nerves than in multiple sclerosis.

Optic Neuritis

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