What Is Steven Johnson Syndrome?

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Parts of our body have a membrane that secretes mucus. This mucus is very important as it aids certain bodily functions and helps keep us safe from disease. As with other parts of the body, these mucous membranes can develop disorders, including Steven Johnson syndrome.

Steven Johnson syndrome comes with some truly horrific symptoms but, thankfully, the condition is also very rare. It is often treatable provided it is caught early enough, but it can be deadly if treatment is not found in time, so get a patient to a hospital straightaway if you suspect they have the condition.

1. Viral Infections

There are various triggers that can cause somebody to develop Steven Johnson syndrome. To begin with, the symptoms are very similar to the flu and are often overlooked. In time, however, the condition will worsen to become quite extreme. When it comes to children, the cause of the condition is usually a viral infection. The viruses that can trigger the condition include, but are not limited to, the Epstein-Barr virus (the cause of glandular fever), the influenza virus, the herpes-simplex virus (the cause of cold sores), and mumps. While some of these viruses are common, they will very rarely trigger Steven Johnson syndrome.

Steven Johnson Syndrome

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