10 Bumps On Back Of Tongue FAQs

By alexander
Reviewed: dr. stavarache
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The tongue is a series of connected muscles covered by a mucous membrane. There are hundreds of small bumps, known as papillae, on the back of the tongue and the surface. These bumps are typically the same color as the tongue and hardly noticeable. Papillae create a rough texture for eating and provide a temperature gauge to prevent people from eating foods or drinking liquids that could burn their tongue.

When tongue bumps become swollen, discolored or painful, it may signal an underlying health condition. Typically, tongue bumps are harmless, but any lingering or troublesome bumps require an appointment with a physician.

What Are the Signs and Symptoms of Tongue Bumps?

Inflamed tongue bumps usually appear large and swollen. They may change color, becoming bright white, light pink or black. These changes may be benign and only last for a short time. However, tongue bumps may make it difficult to eat, talk and swallow, and some people lose their ability to taste food.

Tongue bumps can make it hard to move the tongue, and swelling might cause the top and bottom teeth to no longer fit around it. This can make it difficult for people to close their mouths completely. Tongue bumps may also cause a burning sensation, making it difficult to eat.


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