10 Impetigo Symptoms

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Impetigo is a contagious skin infection that's frequently seen in young children. However, a person of any age can get impetigo. In most cases, impetigo isn't serious, but the symptoms can be extremely uncomfortable. Typically, it begins on the face or hands but can spread to other parts of the body. It's usually caused by strains of staph or strep bacteria.

As impetigo is contagious, it's recommended to avoid touching the affected areas and keep those with the condition away from others until they've recovered. Common treatments for impetigo include antibiotic cream or tablets and calming lotions to relieve any discomfort.

Red Sores

In the majority of cases, impetigo is an easy-to-spot infection that rarely goes unnoticed due to its signature red sores.1CDC. ‘Impetigo: All You Need to Know | CDC.’ CDC, 2021, www.cdc.gov/groupastrep/diseases-public/impetigo.html These sores can be of any size and are commonly located around the nose and mouth or on the hands and forearms. In very young children, red sores may also appear around the diaper area, although an impetigo breakout can occur anywhere on the body.2Kids Health. ‘Impetigo (for Parents) - Nemours KidsHealth.’ Kids Health, 2021, kidshealth.org/en/parents/impetigo.html

Red sores associated with impetigo are regularly associated with discomfort, and many people cite sores as the first sign of an impetigo infection. Upon noticing new red sores, visiting a doctor is highly recommended.1CDC. ‘Impetigo: All You Need to Know | CDC.’ CDC, 2021, www.cdc.gov/groupastrep/diseases-public/impetigo.html


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