10 Lower Blood Pressure Symptoms

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Low blood pressure is a common health problem that may or may not be a sign of other problematic conditions. For most individuals, normal blood pressure usually falls around 120 over 80. When blood pressure drops below this range, it's considered hypotension, or low blood pressure.

Many people can manage low blood pressure by following a healthy diet and getting plenty of exercise. Older individuals or those with preexisting health conditions are more likely to develop low blood pressure. Here are some of the symptoms associated with low blood pressure.

Clammy Skin

The skin on the body and especially extremities, such as the hands, may become cold or clammy when blood pressure drops. This occurs due to the lack of oxygen circulation in the blood and to the peripheries. Clammy skin could also be a sign of anxiety, heat exhaustion or shock.1‘Clammy Skin.’ Nicklaus Children’s Hospital, www.nicklauschildrens.org/symptoms/clammy-skin

Having clammy skin may also be indicative of other health problems, such as diabetes, so it's important to speak about any persistent issues with a doctor. Contact emergency medical services if there is any discoloration to the skin or if chest pain occurs in conjunction with clammy skin.

Low Blood Pressure

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