What Causes Low Blood Pressure?

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Having a healthy blood pressure is very important for us. If it was too high then the pressure could start doing damage to blood vessels and organs. If it were too low, then there would not be enough force to make the blood do a full circuit of the circulatory system. Either condition can be risky so both should be addressed.

People tend to focus a lot on not having a high blood pressure, and it probably is the more dangerous of the two. However, a low blood pressure is also something that should never be taken lightly. In addition to the effects of the blood pressure itself, it is also sometimes the result of potentially serious underlying causes.

1. Systolic Vs Diastolic

When you have your blood pressure taken you will be given two different numbers. These are the systolic pressure, and the diastolic pressure. The systolic pressure is the reading of the pressure your heart produces when pumping. The diastolic pressure is the pressure of your blood between heartbeats.

If the pressure was to fall too low, then the blood would find it harder to complete the circuit back to the lungs and heart. The circulation will come into particular difficulty when it has reached the bottom and has to move back up the body again against the force of gravity. There are various potential underlying causes of this.

Low Blood Pressure

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