10 Symptoms of Chlamydia In Men

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There is nothing wrong with enjoying an active sex life. Indeed, regular sex even brings with it numerous physical and mental health benefits. There are some very good reasons to take precautions when having sex, however. It is important to prevent unwanted pregnancies, for example. It is also important to avoid catching sexually transmitted diseases.

Among the most common of all sexually transmitted diseases is chlamydia. Chlamydia can be very uncomfortable, but it is unlikely to cause serious problems. It will cause complications in a small number of cases, though. Treatment for the infection is usually treated with a course of antibiotics.

1. Frequent Urination

Most of us will need to urinate several times a day. This is because our bladders can only hold so much urine and so they need to be emptied when they become full. This process is entirely natural and very easy, and will not usually interfere with our day too much.

Men with chlamydia, however, can find that they will be urinating more frequently than usual, and this can be quite awkward in some situations. If it happens at night, it can also mean that they struggle to get to sleep at night as bathroom tips are disturbing their rest.

Chlamydia In Men

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