What Is Trichomoniasis?

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Some parasites are so small that they are able to live inside the orifices of our body. They are too small to do any harm individually but, once they have infected the body, they can proliferate to extraordinary numbers. In these numbers, they can begin to cause some unwelcome symptoms.

With so many different types of parasite, you will find that they can infect pretty much any part of the body they can access. This includes the orifices of our genitalia, and they can be transmitted from one person to another by sexual intercourse. One example of this is a tiny parasite known as trichomoniasis.

1. Overview

Trichomoniasis, which is often simply called trich, is a type of sexually transmitted disease. It is also very common, with millions of people becoming infected by the disease every year. It is caused by a type of very small parasite. The disease is not necessarily serious in most cases, although it can be very dangerous in pregnant women.

It is thought that symptoms can show after just two days of being infected, although it could be as long as 28 days in some cases. Men will not usually show any symptoms whatsoever. When the symptoms do show in either sex they can be unpleasant, but are not usually something to be particularly concerned about.


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