All about Leg Cramps at Night

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Many of us will have experienced cramps at some point. They are caused when one or more of our muscles tightens up. It is something that we have little to no control over and we are generally unable to relax it as we usually would. In some instances, cramps can be very painful for the patient.

Some people will experience cramps late at night and the experience is often enough to keep them awake. Not only can this be uncomfortable when they are taking place, but the patient will often feel tired the following day due to a lack of sleep.

1. Exertion

One of the most common reasons for cramps is exercise. It can be too easy to overwork our muscles to try and get the best results and this can result in cramps and other unwelcome symptoms. Cramps most often occur in people who are not in particularly great shape and take up exercising, or significantly increase their workload.

If you are considering taking up an exercise regime then you should be sure not to overdo it to begin with. If you can afford to, consider hiring a personal trainer because they can help you to get the most from your workouts.

Leg Cramps at Night

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